Thursday, 6 February 2014

Soap & Glory - No Clogs Allowed

Super Self Heating 

Deep Pore Detox Mask 

Okay, so I really want to keep this short and sweet and if there is one thing I can suggest you do after reading this blog it is GO OUT AND BUY THIS PRODUCT! So recently I've heard more and more about the soap & glory skincare range and how amazing it is, so I was walking around boots and came across this little beauty and instantly was drawn in. Recently my nose area has been getting really oily and when my foundation slides off I can really notice the blackheads and pores, so a product that helps detox my face I'm going to be seriously interested in! Since my skin can be slightly sensitive I was a bit wary about the 'super self heating' part of this mask because I have tried others in the past that have irritated my skin, but honestly this product is really nothing to worry about. This product claims to be for oily/combination skin and I do agree with this, as although this product is not super drying, it does leave my skin feeling completely oil free. All I need when applying this is a small dollop of this creamy product which I then massage into my skin mainly focusing on my t-zone. I wet my hands and continuing massaging the cream scrub in and it starts to heat up on my face, I love the feeling of this self heating mask as it feels like it is really getting every last trace of dirt from my pores. I really feel like this product DOES work. After my first use I saw a noticeable difference in the pores on my nose, they looked smaller and I had less blackheads on my face. It also leaves my skin with this super silky feeling, my skin literally feels so so smooth after I leave this on my face for a five minute treatment. I have tried quite a few skincare masks in the past and this really does beat them all for me.. I will continue using this in my skincare routine once or twice a week and hopefully this will continue to improve my skin week after week. 

- Cheap product, bought mine from Boots for around the £7 mark
- Helped improved the pores on my face
- Silky smooth feeling after use
- Love the squeeze tube packaging as you know how much product you have left
- Lots of product, 100ml 
- Self heating, feels like a mini facial
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Feels like a luxury skincare product

- Smell isn't particularly nice but not a massive issue for me
- Would have to be a product used in the bath/shower, could get messy

Do you enjoy using Soap & Glory products? Let me know which ones you like best x


  1. I think I really have to try it!

  2. That's so cool. I'm so intrigued. I may have to go to Sephora and pick it up for real!