Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Impressions


Naturally Active Skincare

So I caved and I bought one of the most used and well known about cleansers in the hope that this would become one of my all time favourites. This cleanser would be the ideal favourite skincare product for me because I think it is quite cheap considering how popular it is and it is easy to buy and get hold of (Yay to it now being stocked in Boots along with the rest of the Liz Earle skincare range). I literally could not wait to get home and try this little gem out on my skin! When I first pumped it out of the bottle I thought how similar it looked to my most favourite pai cleanser. It is a very creamy and smooth texture and looks extremely luxurious. The smell as well is the most divine thing about the product in my opinion, it smells so herbal and refreshing and using this product definitely makes you feel like your skin is refreshed and revitalised. The mixture of all the natural ingredients in this cleanser like rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus oil is definitely one of the best combinations I've ever come across. I can't get enough of this scent! 

Creamy texture of the Cleanse and Polish 

I have now used this cleanser for around three months so I can give my honest opinion on why I like and dislike this product and how I use it on a day to day basis. I only used one pump when I first bought it on a full face of makeup to see how the product worked, I also used this on my mascara as well. It definitely didn't get all my make off as I had to go over my face with a second pump and then even after removing that with the muslin cloth I could still see remains of my foundation and mascara. I would say it's defiantly a good idea to cleanse before you use this product so you know that all make up is removed entirely and you have a completely squeaky clean face to work moisturisers/lotions into.

I don't know whether it was the Liz Earle cleanser but for the first few days of using this I did break out over my forehead area, however after persisting and continuing to use the product I found that my skin went back to normal again. Maybe it was the purging stage of using the product, I'm not entirely sure?! However, I haven't broken out since then so I'm assuming my skin was just getting use to the new ingredients. 

I did notice that this cleanser in my opinion is probably more useful to people with combination/oilier skin types as it didn't particularly dry out my skin but I did see a decrease in the amount of oil on my skin throughout the day. I would say my make up stayed on for a few hours longer than normal as I had a lot less oil production around my t-zone. Therefore, I think people with dryer skin types might find this makes their skin too dry and find that it leaves them with that tight feeling. I have combination skin and feel like this works best when I use this just in the morning rather than at morning and then at night time as well. Using this in the morning means my face is shine/oil free the entire day and using a different cleanser at night means my entire makeup is removed, which would not happen with this cleanser alone. 

Overall, I have some seriously mixed opinions on this product. I wouldn't say I'm overly impressed with this Liz Earle cleanser as I was expecting a lot due to everything I've heard, but everyone does has different skin types and maybe this just didn't work best for me personally. It has so many raved reviews I really am surprised that this is not my number 1. I think I will continue buying this product purely because it does help my foundation stay on all day and I do like using it in the mornings, however usually I do prefer a more moisturising cleanser at night and would choose my pai cleanser over this! If anyone has tried the Liz Earle cleanser and does feel the same way as me about it I would suggest trying one of the pai cleansers as the texture is very similar and it also has a very strong herbal scent. 

Have you tried this liz Earle product? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Soap & Glory - No Clogs Allowed

Super Self Heating 

Deep Pore Detox Mask 

Okay, so I really want to keep this short and sweet and if there is one thing I can suggest you do after reading this blog it is GO OUT AND BUY THIS PRODUCT! So recently I've heard more and more about the soap & glory skincare range and how amazing it is, so I was walking around boots and came across this little beauty and instantly was drawn in. Recently my nose area has been getting really oily and when my foundation slides off I can really notice the blackheads and pores, so a product that helps detox my face I'm going to be seriously interested in! Since my skin can be slightly sensitive I was a bit wary about the 'super self heating' part of this mask because I have tried others in the past that have irritated my skin, but honestly this product is really nothing to worry about. This product claims to be for oily/combination skin and I do agree with this, as although this product is not super drying, it does leave my skin feeling completely oil free. All I need when applying this is a small dollop of this creamy product which I then massage into my skin mainly focusing on my t-zone. I wet my hands and continuing massaging the cream scrub in and it starts to heat up on my face, I love the feeling of this self heating mask as it feels like it is really getting every last trace of dirt from my pores. I really feel like this product DOES work. After my first use I saw a noticeable difference in the pores on my nose, they looked smaller and I had less blackheads on my face. It also leaves my skin with this super silky feeling, my skin literally feels so so smooth after I leave this on my face for a five minute treatment. I have tried quite a few skincare masks in the past and this really does beat them all for me.. I will continue using this in my skincare routine once or twice a week and hopefully this will continue to improve my skin week after week. 

- Cheap product, bought mine from Boots for around the £7 mark
- Helped improved the pores on my face
- Silky smooth feeling after use
- Love the squeeze tube packaging as you know how much product you have left
- Lots of product, 100ml 
- Self heating, feels like a mini facial
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Feels like a luxury skincare product

- Smell isn't particularly nice but not a massive issue for me
- Would have to be a product used in the bath/shower, could get messy

Do you enjoy using Soap & Glory products? Let me know which ones you like best x

Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Beauty Favourites 2014


I literally feel like this month has flown by sooo quickly, I don't even feel like I've had that much time to investigate new products. However, I do have a few new buys to show to you and the rest are items that I have re-discovered and fell in love with all over again. So starting from the left hand side and first up is THE LITTLE BUBBLE CO bubble bath in coconut creme, I have tried most of the other scents as well and they are the most luxurious smelling bath products that I have ever come across, especially for the price of £2.99. I will be non stop re purchasing these over and over again. Next up is a fresh essentials scrub from GARNIER , I like how it buffs away any dead/dry skin on my face but isn't too harsh (just the right combination).  The next product I had to include purely because I think this has been my favourite scent for the past 4/5 years now, it is the ESCADA perfume in rockin rio. It is quite a summery scent but I can literally wear this all year round and never get bored of it, hence why I purchased the biggest bottle I could find! Another product I have been in love with is the GARNIER micellar cleansing water, I would even go as far to say that I like it slightly more than the L'oreal water. You get double the product and I would say it is more effective in taking off my make up, for £4.99 you really can't say no to this. Up next is an O.P.I AVOJUICE in coconut and melon, it is a hand and body lotion and is literally the most perfect moisturiser for me. I don't have dry skin so I wouldn't say I need a lot of moisturiser, I apply this product and it soaks straight up into my skin and doesn't leave me feeling greasy, it literally dries straight away. And the scent of this lotion is honestly soooo good, I spray my escada perfume over this and the two scents work so well together. The next two products are my make up favourites, first of all I have the MAYBELLINE superstay 24 hour foundation which I have been using for the whole month. I would say it's quite a light coverage foundation and normally I do prefer more coverage, however the lasting power and control it has of the oils on my face is really effective. I will continue to use this product, although I am still on the hunt for my #1 foundation. The second beauty product I have is my CARMEX vanilla ultra moisturising lip balm, this is probably my best favourite of January. I have never had a lip balm that works as well as this, my lips are completely smooth within ten minutes or so after applying this and I am completely addicted. Before I was using the Dior lip balm but from now on I will be forever buying this carmex product, especially considering this is like quarter of the price!

What are your January favourites? x