Friday, 3 January 2014

The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

Shine-vanishing PRO powder

I am the BIGGEST fan of benefits POREfessional primer so when I heard there was going to be a POREfessional powder out, you can imagine how excited I was! I got my hands on the powder on boxing day for £23.50 and the lady at the benefit counter told me to apply it to my t-zone and any parts of my face which get oily. I was soooo excited to try it out... a powder ... made by benefit which combats pores and oily-ness! 

The powder claims to be mattifying, pore perfecting, invisible & ultra lightweight. I can agree that this is completely true, even though you only have to use a tiny amount of this powder, it does some what work miracles! I use a tiny bit of powder on the brush included and focus it mainly on my t-zone, then I use the remaining powder for the rest of my face. I usually do around a 12 hour shift at work including travelling time and since I have been using this powder I do not have to touch up at any point during the day. Don't get me wrong.. at the moment it is freezing in London, but I do have combination skin and usually I would touch up during the day at some point if using a different powder. I will have to update this blog in the summer to let you know if I feel the same! This powder is definitely lightweight, you can't feel it on your face at all which feels really nice and you don't feel like you have loads of make up on. I wouldn't say it's invisible as you can tell something is more 'HD' looking about your face after applying this but you don't get that dry powder effect either. There is just one colour and it is suppose to be suitable for all skin types, I have fairly pale skin and this doesn't make my face look too orange/dark. I would say that the POREfessional primer does a better job at perfecting pores than this powder. I don't particularly have the biggest pores so I am probably not the best person to comment, I do have a few around my nose area but I don't feel like this powder makes them look particularly any different to normal.   

This powder (like every other benefit product) has gorgeous packaging, it comes with a screw top lid and bottom. From the top it has a twist lid saying open and close, twisting to open means that the powder can be tapped out into the lid (on the left of the photo). You then twist out the bottom of the packaging and pop up the brush which can fit into the lid of the packaging and be tapped out to get just the right amount of product. I really do like this packaging, however I wouldn't say it gives you a large amount of powder (7.0 g, 0.24 oz) but then again you do only need the tiniest amount of product each time you use this! 

Overall, I do think this product is one of the best mattifying powders I have ever used and although this is pretty pricey I think I will continue to use it until I find something better. Please do leave a comment below on what you think of the product if you have already tried it. If not, leave a comment asking me questions you want to know about this product. Thank you for reading! 


  1. This sounds amazing not had chance to see this in shops yet. glad it works for you.

    New follower

    Carrieanne xx

    1. Try and see whether you can test it out at one of the counters, they also sell it online.. definitely worth trying it!


  2. Great review! I'm going to buy one for my girlfriend!

    1. Good idea, I'm sure she will love it! :)