Friday, 17 January 2014

CLARINS Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil

So I got given a tiny sample of this cleanser when I was purchasing a present at the Clarins counter the other day and since I had ran out of my favourite cleanser (Pai Camellia and Rose) I decided I would see how this one compares! I tried it for a couple of days and absolutely fell in love with it, so I purchased the full size bottle off of for the special offer of £15.60.

I'm not gonna lie at first I was really dubious of this product because of my combination skin, I thought this would be far too oily for my face. After trying this for a couple of days, I realised this was actually perfect for my skin, it's just moisturising enough to deal with my dry skin and it soaks up any oil on my face without leaving it too dry. It honestly is the perfect combination. 

Clarins describes this cleanser as a triple texture gel that transforms into an oil that melts away every last trace of oil and impurities - including the heaviest make up. There is no doubt about this, that is a spot on description of this luxury gel! I have taken some pictures of how the gel transforms into the three textures.

From the pictures you can see that when first applied to the skin it comes out of the tube like a gel, you then start massaging the product in and it turns into an oil. The oil literally feels amazing on the skin, almost identical to when you get a facial (except this is a lot cheaper). You then apply a tiny bit of water to your hands and continue to massage the product in and the consistency changes into a pearly milk, which you then wash off completely. I now use this cleanser every single morning and evening in my skincare routine and can honestly say this will be a staple for me from now on. I wouldn't say I completely prefer it compared to my Pai cleanser, however they are completely different and I think I will alternate between using both of them.

  • Feels like a luxury cleanser because of the triple texture 
  • It removes EVERY trace of make up
  • Only a small amount of product is used, so will last for ages
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Good packaging - doesn't get messy and you can see how much product you have left
  • Moisturising for the skin, but isn't too oily 
  • Not a strong scent, very natural 
  • Quite pricey compared to some high street cleansers
  • Not an effective eye make up remover as it does sting a little

I think if you haven't tried this cleanser you should definitely give it a go, remember Clarins are always happy to give you a sample to try before you buy!


  1. It sounds like you really love this cleanser. I've never really used cleanser but this post has given me food for thought.

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