Monday, 6 January 2014


First of all, let me start with saying Happy New Year! And since it is 2014 I've decided to show you my favourite beauty items that I have used religiously throughout 2013. I will include items I use day to day for my everyday make up look... so here goes...

Face Powder Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder I have used this powder for quite a few years and it is a brilliant pressed powder for keeping shine at bay for the whole day. It lasts for absolutely ages and I haven't found another powder with staying power like it, especially for the cheap price tag of £3.99. I use the shade warm beige 006, but it pretty much comes out translucent anyway, which I like as it means you can layer it on later in the day and it doesn't look thick or cakey. Will always be a staple in my make up bag.

Foundation Max factor All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation I have been using this foundation for around 8 months so the most part of 2013 and I love it! It is a three in one so a primer, concealer and foundation and it stays on my face ALL DAY. It doesn't make it greasy at all and it gives good coverage which is build able. I use the shade beige 55 and mix it with the darker shade golden 75 when I have a slight tan, this makes the perfect colour for me all year round.

Concealer True Match This has been more of a recent purchase but it is my favourite concealer that I have tried over the past year or so (and I have tried A LOT), it is in the shade 4 beige and it highlights my under eye area perfectly and covers any blemishes that I have. It is very creamy, blends so easily but doesn't crease in any lines I have. Perfect concealer! 

Brushes Sigma Flat Kabuki F80/ Precision Round P82 These are my favourite brushes of 2013.. I was using the real technique ones for months but recently ordered these and prefer them. I use the F80 brush to apply my Max Factor foundation and I love how soft the brush is and how easy it is to blend the foundation, making sure it looks flawless on the skin. I then use the P82 brush to apply and dab concealer under my eyes and disguise blemishes.  

Blush #1 Givenchy Blush 23 I have been using this blush for SOOOOO long, I actually love this blusher, and I will continue to use this forever! You can use it as a blush on your cheekbones or if you use the bottom two colours alone it goes on nicely as a bronzer. It has a brush in a separate compartment beneath the blush and a mirror so it is the perfect small size to pop in your handbag when you are out and about to touch up. It has amazing staying power and does not budge on the skin no matter what. It is pricey but I think it's worth it as one of these will last for ages and ages. 

Blush #2 YSL Blush Radiance 9 This is a more recent purchase and so far I love it, it's the perfect pink shade in my opinion and just like the Givenchy blush has the perfect staying power. This is perfect for all year round and I think this would suit all skin shades. The big mirror is also really good for make up touch ups and I really like the brush that is included as it is the perfect size to get the product just on your cheekbones. 

Bronzer Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil This has been the most gorgeous bronzer of 2013 for my skin tone, I bought this in the shade light to medium and it is the perfect matte shade. A lot of the other bronzers I have tried have either been too shimmery for my liking or just far too dark and streaky, so I find this one is just spot on. Another massive positive is that this smells exactly like a bar of chocolate.. so as far as I'm concerned an instant winner.  

Mascara Maybelline The Falsies I really love applying this mascara, I think the shape of the brush is perfect for spreading out my eyelashes and making them look as long and thick as possible. Another thing which I find is different from other mascaras I have tried, is that there is never any fall out with this particular product.

Eyeliner Stila Stay All Day Waterproof This does exactly what it says on the packaging... it stays ALL day. It has such a fine felt tip as well so you can draw really precise lines as thin as you want. A perfect staple make up item for anyone that wants a perfect cat eye flick!

Brow Powder Benefit Brown zings Medium I don't think I will find another brow powder that matches my eyebrows so perfectly and is so simple to use. Literally you take the tiniest bit of powder on the brush included and fill in your eyebrows and that is it... it's that simple! I don't tend to use the brow wax but I guess someone with a thicker eyebrow might enjoy using this as it sets your eyebrow in place making sure it doesn't budge throughout the day.

Lip Balm Dior Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm Creme De Rose I've heard loads of people talking about this lip balm so I thought I would splurge and see what the fuss was about. This is an amazing balm ... it smells and tastes of roses and isn't too sticky or greasy. It stays on the lips for a long time and it is ideal for a base/primer under a lipstick. I wouldn't say it 'plumps' your lip but it does the job by moisturising my lips which is exactly what I need, especially in the winter.

Lip Stick YSL Rouge Volupte Shine I HAD to pick this creamy peach lipstick in the shade 15, it is my favourtie lip stick I've ever had and it's going to take something pretty special to replace this.

Make up bag - Ted Baker

So that is it! That is my make up essentials I have used throughout 2013...Do you agree with me on any of my favourite products? Let me know by commenting below. Thank you for reading!

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