Monday, 23 December 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 

Oh my...These are AMAZING. I haven't really tried too many products from YSL apart from the touche eclat, however when I saw these lipsticks and their packaging it was really hard to resist and I am so so pleased I splurged out and bought my first colour -  Corail Intuitive #15.

I can honestly say this is the best lipstick I have ever used before and I will continue to use these forever! First of all the creamy, buttery-like texture of these are dreamy to apply to your lips and instead of drying your lips out like other lip sticks they actually hydrate your lips and keep them moisturised (perfect for the winter). The second thing that instantly made these different as well was the amount of colour these left on my lips after just one application, with other brands of lipsticks I find myself re applying loads for any colour to appear. This also means that these will last for ages considering you don't have to use as much product, so as far as I'm concerned worth the hefty £24.00. Thirdly, the smell of these are lipsticks are SOOOOO nice, it is a peachy, passion fruit smell and it is the most amazing scent of make up I have ever smelt. Don't get me wrong, the smell isn't the most important part of the make up but it is such a bonus that these lipsticks have the NICEST SMELL EVER! And of course, lets not forget the packaging of these products.... such a nice quality case and I love how you can see the colour on the outside of the lip product.  

So after I had decided I had fallen in love with this lipstick (which was almost immediately) I then bought my second colour - Fuchsia In Excess #5.

I have a picture of the two products next to one another so you can see them together and how they compare in colour. I would say my favorite colour out of the two is Corail Intuitive #15 but that's purely because I LOVE coral colours and I think it suits my paler complexion better then the darker shade. But seriously Fuchsia In Excess #5 looks amazing when you are dressing up/going on a night out. 

Top - Fuchsia in Excess #5  Bottom- Corail Intuitive #15

I could not recommend this product more, these are the most perfect lip products I've tried yet! Seriously... please go and try these! (Oh and p.s you could get stuck at the YSL counter for ages, I was there for almost an hour... there are SO many different colours and they are all so nice).

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  1. Lovely colors.
    Would you recommend Chanel or YSL lipsticks?